meet the team

At Stonefields, we put pride and passion into everything we do. Our team brings beautiful events to life, and we love every minute of it.

Stephanie Malenfant

Stephanie puts her heart and soul into making sure your special day is beautiful from start to finish. With more than two decades of event planning and marketing experience to her credit, she has perfected the art of hosting great events. A true visionary, she turned a centuries-old estate into the region’s premiere wedding and event destination in partnership with her husband, Steve. Along the way, she has helped create lasting memories for hundreds of brides and grooms from across the region and around the world. When she is not busy making dreams come true, Stephanie’s busy shaping the next generation of Stonefields event experts—her adorable twin daughters, Olivia and Gabrielle.

Steve Malenfant

Now retired from the Canadian Forces, Steve serves as master of operations at Stonefields. He has a well-deserved reputation for executing every wedding and event with military precision. A big believer in offering the ultimate service experience, Steve loves nurturing the Stonefields team to meet his exacting standards. He’s also an expert in managing logistics. Steve’s love for his life’s work shines through in everything he does. You’ll often find him accompanied by the farm’s two resident Bernese Mountain dogs, Lois and Clark. Steve’s reward at the end of each day? Bedtime cuddles with his girls—and the occasional game of poker with his army buddies. 

Kylie Fox
Event Specialist

A valued member of the Stonefields family, Kylie is known for her kind, reassuring approach and attention to detail. She works closely with brides and grooms to help plan their big day. Kylie quickly became indispensable as Stephanie and Steve’s right-hand after joining Stonefields in 2013. She is most proud of her contribution to Stonefields’ growth and the recognition it has earned through many wedding industry awards. In her downtime, you’ll most often find Kylie unwinding on her back deck with her boyfriend, Jordan, and boxer-bulldog mix, Miller. 

James Scott
Executive Chef

A true culinary artist, James is dedicated to bringing the very best in local cuisine to every Stonefields event. From planning menus to crafting tantalizing meals for groups of all sizes, James puts the focus on excellence in our state-of-the-art kitchen. He enjoys making this beautiful space his own and building his team. He is bringing his culinary vision to reality at Stonefields by creating a true farm-to-table experience, complete with vegetable and herb gardens on-site. His goal is to expand this vision each year and work with local farmers to enhance dining at Stonefields with their contributions. A graduate of George Brown College Chef School, James has also served as Executive Chef at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club and Nonna’s Cucina Ristorante. 

Kiefer McCarthy

Kiefer works side-by-side with Executive Chef James to prepare and execute all Stonefields meals. A true asset to the team, Kiefer says his role at Stonefields is a career highlight—thanks to the great food and great people he works with every day. Kiefer is a graduate of Algonquin College, and holds the prestigious Red Seal, a universally recognized certification of apprenticeship in Canada. A Beckwith local, he has worked in several local establishments, from Barley Mow to Alice’s Village Café and other stops in between. He enjoys watching movies and cheering the Maple Leafs with his wife, Kelly, and their dogs, Minion and Scout. Friends and family are especially important. Kiefer hosts monthly family dinners, where he loves to serve his favourite meals—homemade pizzas and squash ravioli.